production processes and resulting properties

production processes and resulting properties

The production of copper yarn socks is processed in two main steps. The production of the yarn and its processing to the final sock. Actually there are two different production processes for the copper yarn, the dispersion and the dipping bath process. Both processes have their specific advantages and disadvantages. For both processes the resulting copper yarn is processed to the final product. Here a lot different production techniques can be found, especially different are the processes for socks which are suitable for diabetics.

dispersion process (see articles produced by dispersion process)

In the dispersion process the copper ions are added to the polymer melt before forming the yarn. The copper therefore is distributed to the complete yarn volume. During use of the socks the copper bit by bit is released from the yarn and protects the skin. Due to the higher storage volume the copper protection is stable for long time periods and less sensitive to washing compared with the dipping bath process.

dipping bath process (see articles produced by dipping bath process)

In the dipping bath process the copper ions are deposited on the yarn surface by dipping the yarn in a copper salt bath. This process is technically easy and cheap. A disadvantage of this process is the limited amount of copper that can be stored on the yarn surface. Therefore the copper protection function can significantly reduce over liefetime of the sock, especially when washing machine is used regularly to intensively. The care instructions of the socks should be followed carefully.

diabetic socks (see articles suitable for diabetics)

Diabetics often suffer from poor circulation of the feet. This reduces the capability of immune defense to deal with infections and athlete's foot. Diabetic socks are free of inner seems to prevent irritations of the skin. Furthermore they have soft cuffs to prevent further reduction of circulation to the feet. Some products even have special padded areas at highly loaded locations. The copper yarn eliminates mushrooms and bacteria and protects your feet effective against athlete's foot, foot odor and infections.